Our history


We started as Wharton & Howard Ltd in 1937 on our previous Shakespeare Road site. In 2009 the business was bought by Shane Jones who was previously the Commercial manager for Volkswagen NZ. He changed the name to Vodis and introduced the focus on specialising in the VAG brands (Audi, VW & Skoda).

In 2015 the business was bought by Antony & Maureen and the business has expanded substantially resulting in us moving in 2019 to our current much larger site.

Keep Informed 


None of us likes to be have a large bill sprung on us. If your automobile comes to us with a problem we will diagnose it, work out a costing and contact you to discuss our findings. We even give you the flexibility of setting a dollar limit before you'd like to be contacted - if you so wish. If any additional work is required along the way once the job is started, we will contact you to keep you updated. When the job is done, we will ring or text to let you know your automobile is ready for collection.


Quality Parts


If we would not use it in our own automobile, then why would we put it in yours?

We use quality German parts from reputable suppliers - Many of the parts used are Genuine OEM parts and the rest are from German manufacturers who make parts for the big German car brands. Our fluids & oil are from Castrol. Batteries are Varta (the best in the world) with class leading 3 year warranty. Filters are Hengst & Spark Plugs are Bosch.


Technology and Compentency


The technology in automobiles is ever changing - as is the technology that services it. We have a replacement programme in place to keep our tooling and software systems constantly updated with the latest technology. Our trade qualified staff are all experienced VW & Audi technicians that are trained on the latest developments with engine management systems, airbags, transmissions, Warrant of Fitness changes - to name but a few.

Other vehicle brands


We repair and service all brands of vehicle.

We have customers who have come to us for 60 years plus and we will always look after their service & repair needs regardless of brand.

Although 90% of our throughput is VW, Audi, Skoda & Seat we do look after many other brands in particular BMW, Porsche & Mercedes.

For your peace of Mind

  • We will only undertake work authorised by you

  • Your repair will be completed on time

  • You will be advised as early as possible of any delay and reasons for it.

  • Transparent invoicing stating our hourly rate, time charged and parts used in a clear fashion

  • A 10,000km / 12 month warranty on workmanship, unless the repair is temporary. 10,000km / 12 month warranty on brand new parts.

  • On request, we will show you any part(s) replaced

  • We are backed up by the MTA, New Zealand's largest body of automobile repairers

  • We are monitored by the MTA and the NZTA on our performance

  • A free and independent complaints and mediation service provided by the MTA