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•   Transmission -Auto, DSG & CVT

•   Brakes

•   CV Boots and Joints

•   Air Conditioning

•   Engine Management Sensors

•   Suspension Components

•   Cam Belts & chains

•   Seat Belts 

•   Power Steering Systems 

•   Cooling Systems
•   Electrical

•   Starter Motors

• Small Service $335*

• Standard (full) Service $445*

• 6 Speed DSG Service $432*

• VW Auto Trans Service $383*

• Wheel Alignment $99*

• WOF $54

* Approximate cost depending on quantity of oil required, items requiring replacement and make and model of VW Audi Skoda (VW Group) vehicle.

Prices include GST.

No. 1 Rear Disc Brake care

If you have a car with rear brake discs - brake moderate to hard once a week in a fashion where you will not inconvenience other road users. Most of your stopping is done by your front brakes. To a large extent, gentle braking doesn't engage the rear disc brakes and rear rotors can accumulate rust deposits. Hard braking knocks off the deposits and keeps rear disc rotors in top shape.