Skoda wins with reliability and Skoda’s have a range of features that are specific to this brand. We have specialised in Skoda servicing for over a decade and look forward to looking after yours.

The services recommended at intervals of 15,000km. During the service items that wear are measured and recorded on the checklist which is supplied to you.

Skoda Servicing

Specialist Diagnostics and Tools

With every full service a diagnostic scan is run and if any faults are present the report is printed and supplied to you.

We have an extensive range of Audi/VW/Skoda specific tools and this inventory is constantly being added to as new models come through.

Skoda Servicing

Factory Trained Technicians

The majority of our technicians have been trained in Audi, VW or Skoda dealerships around the world. This means we know what to do and the most efficient way to do it.

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